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John is retired, although he continues to take on selected projects. His focus now is on disrupting the status quo in the political world by creating state report cards delivered annually to the home of every registered voter in all 50 states. If you would like to learn more, contact John at



A New Imperative: Government That Works

The MasterClass: Learn. Apply. Deliver.

Imagine if most of the teams across your department were routinely posting 10, 15 even 20% improvements in their key measures EVERY month. Learn More.

Black Belt Certification in Lean Management

While earning your Black Belt in Lean Management for State Government, you will learn the best practices of Lean applied to management, then implement what you learn. Learn More.

Level Three Government

A comprehensive, strategic, forward-thinking white paper on the future of State Government and the challenges faced in building operational maturity. Learn More.


  • “John M. Bernard has expertly adapted the efficiency and leanness required for success in the business world to the public sector where it has been most desperately needed. A perfect checklist for any public leader in the country!”

    Marshall Goldsmith
    A Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top-ranked executive coach
  • Government That Works showcases the critical shift underway in state government and the inspiring results being achieved. There is a great opportunity for the states to collaborate in streamlining state government, improving the lives of our people, and redefining the course of our nation.”

    Former Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado
  • “No one knows more about the transformation to result-driven government in the states than John Bernard,”

    Henry Darwin
    Previous Chief Operating Officer for the State of Arizona who went on to serve in that same capacity for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and currently is with the firm of Gallagher & Kennedy on their Environmental team
  • “It is not a question of whether we are moving our states left or right, but whether we are moving our states forward or back. John Bernard’s Government That Works offers an important path towards a better future for our states.”

    Governor Martin O‘Malley
    Maryland (former) & presidential candidate in 2016
  • “John Bernard is a master at articulating how to effectively manage a complex organization in common sense language. He has built the bridge between best-practice business management theory and the real world of government.”

    Colette S. Peters
    Director, Dept. of Corrections, State of Oregon

Challenge the Status Quo

We can solve our problems, make lives better and make radical changes in how we run state government.

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